ECO MARKET - 23, Victor Hugo Str., 10437, Metaxourgio, Athens, GREECE, Tel. +30 2105246661

Our company is situated in the heart of Athens and for over 35 years has a constant presence in the field of spare parts for domestic and professional electric appliances.
With a wide product range of more than 10.000 spare parts for appliances of all popular brands, we can meet all customer needs, even the most specialized ones.
Ιndicatively reported, we can provide most spare parts for the following appliances:

• Washing Machines • Microwave Ovens
• Refrigerators • Toasters
• Cookers/Ovens • Extraction Hoods
• Dish Washers • Pressure Cookers
• Water Heaters • Για κατσαρόλες και οικιακά σκεύη
• Air Conditioners • Mini Washing Machines & Dish Washers
• Vacuum Cleaners • Mini Ovens
• Electric Irons • Heaters
• Coffee Machines • Radiators
We can also provide accessories and cleaning products for the maintenance of your appliances such as descaling and cleansing products for washing machines, dish washers, irons and air conditioners, scented capsules for vacuum cleaners, scrapers for ceramic cooker hobs etc.

Our philosophy is to prompt the customer to repair one's damaged appliance instead of just replacing it with a new one, thus saving money since in most cases the cost of a spare parts does not exceed 5-10% of the appliance's total value and considering the environment.